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Wanting to make the best of your wealth situation or do you want to work from home or are you just trying to earn extra cash as a hobby?  Creating wealth involves working smarter, harder with dedication and patients.  Research the below ideas for creating your own wealth....
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Free Competitions - brings the best competitions to Australians! It`s simple - we do the work for you. We search the web for the greatest competitions in Australia and send them to you via e-mail.
Do you like to win great prizes? Who doesn't? We do too. What you may not know, however, is where to find really good competitions. That is exactly why we have created a website that will bring you some of Australia's best free competitions directly in your e-mail's inbox. It's simple; we do the work for you. We search the web for the greatest competitions in Australia and send them to you via e-mail.

All you need to do to benefit from our great service is to complete the short form on this website and we will send you an e-mail each time that we find a free competition that you can enter. You can choose which competitions you want to enter - there are no obligations to enter any particular competition. However, the more competitions you enter, the better your chances of winning great prizes.

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Simple Savings Secrets - The Secrets to Saving Money in Australia - Reference guide full of money saving tips, cheap tricks and bargaining secrets. Finding bargains and saving money all over Australia.
This fabulous eBook and accompanying software bonuses have been compiled to help people realise their dreams and to face up to the biggest hurdle confronting us all - financial independence ... today and in retirement. Full of powerful information and practical tools, this self-help resource will offer excellent conversions for affiliates. It's not a get-rich-quick course, it's the real thing ... a step-by-step process that will work for just about everyone.
The Japan Investor goal - provides investors serious about investing in Japan with all the tools they need to make intelligent investment decisions on Japan. Because we have no affiliations with investment banks, investment management, or corporate organizations that could compromise our analysis and opinions, we provide independent, objective and often contrarian views.
The Japan Investor goal provides its subscribers with weekly strategic Japan views that you can use, and also provides a wealth of up-to-date data on Japan's economy and financial markets through the Japan Data Bank, which consists of regularly updated MS Excel files on monetary policy, market trends, Japan investor trends. Moreover, Japan Investor subscribers get access to real-time corporate news, quotes and charts, and one of the most extensive collections of Japan-related links available.
At Live-it-Up Budget Planning - have great products and services to assist in managing your finances, from budget software to savings tips and tricks. Whether you are a budget beginner or an expert in money management we have a product to help you.
Save money, Fulfil your dreams, The lazy way! 
FREE tip sheet "Beginners Guide to Aldi". Save $100 each grocery shop. 

Find Out How to Save:

  • $400 on cleaning
  • $6000 on baby products
  • $1200 on groceries
  • $600 on gifts
  • $5000 when buying a car
  • $200 on pet supplies
  • $360 on bank fees

Here is an important message from Fiona Lippey, Australia's Queen of Frugality.

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Earn a Decent Income - Guaranteed Part time income, Make $ 800 to $ 3000 working part time from the comfort of your own home. If you do not make money within 48 hours we will pay you double.
If you do not make money within the first 48 hours with our method, we'll pay you $50.00! That's how much confidence we have in our system! We have tried and tested this system over and over again. It will work for anyone with the zeal to make money online. We are dedicated to helping those with a little extra time make a little extra money online. Let EDI help you achieve your internet financial goals from the warmth and comfort of your own home.

The Ideas Book (Aust) - is a series of information packed e-Guides designed to inspire you to consider the world of self employment. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or wanting to take the leap into becoming your own boss, these e-Guides compile hundreds of hours of research and provide invaluable insider tips and techniques to give you the best chance of success. Written by an award winning Australian home based business owner.
The Ideas Book

Better ways of living and having fun.