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Shop New Zealand
SHOP NEW ZEALAND is your NEW ZEALAND GIFT SHOP! Many of the products in our NZ ONLINE SHOP are suitable for NZ gifts or as a NEW ZEALAND SOUVENIR. In our WOODEN GIFTS department you are sure to find a suitable HANDCRAFTED WOOD GIFT for any special occasion including a NEW ZEALAND CORPORATE GIFT or BUSINESS GIFTS. Quality NZ GIFTS may be found in all departments and especially the NATURAL HEALTH AND BEAUTY PRODUCT sections. These make great GIFTS FOR MUM and MOTHERS DAY GIFTS. You can buy everything from a scenic NEW ZEALAND CALENDAR to NEW ZEALAND HONEY. We have products from all areas of New Zealand and can deliver AUCKLAND GIFTS, WELLINGTON GIFTS and CHRISTCHURCH GIFTS or any area specific goods you would like. KIWI GIFTS are popular with those on a NEW ZEALAND TOUR. No need for excess baggage as we can deliver your NZ GIFT direct to your home anywhere in the world. When you do your NEW ZEALAND SHOPPING with us you know that you are buying a genuine NEW ZEALAND PRODUCT. This means that you are buying real NEW ZEALAND SOUVENIRS. 

Shop New Zealand
Shop New Zealand - bringing the beauty and diversity of our beautiful country to your doorstep. Shop New Zealand is your one-stop shop where you can reach it all. Our mission is to be the number one direct global market service, offering New Zealand made products and services to the world. Our team in Auckland is committed to providing the best possible service. We take pride in our country and people, and are excited to be providing a channel for our products to reach the world market. At Shop New Zealand you the customer are number one. We aim to make it an easy and convenient service. We offer multiple languages and currencies allowing customers to feel confident in their shopping experience. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we are always looking for ways to make your shopping experience even better. Happy shopping at Shop New Zealand.

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Shop New Zealand

Shop New Zealand

ショップニュージーランドは、美しいニュージーランド原産の多様な商品をお客様の玄関先にお届けいたします。品数豊富でちょっと立ち寄るだけでショップ ニュージーランドにはほとんどの商品が取り揃えられています。ニュージーランド商品を世界に向け、高レベルなサービスと共にお届けする一番の国際的なオン ラインショップになることを目標としております。オークランド支店の社員は可能な限りのより優れたお客様へのサービスを心がけております。社員はニュー ジーランドとニュージーランド人であることに大きな誇りをもっています、そしてその誇りある自国の商品を世界に販売できることをとても幸せに思っておりま す。当社ではお客様は何よりも大切な存在で、お客様にとって簡単で、より便利なサービスをご提供できるように日々努めております。今までの販売経験により 多くの自信があり、お客様に便利な多国の言語、貨幣をご用意しております。これからの更なるサービス向上のため、コメントやご提案はいつでも気軽にご連絡 ください。それでは、ショップニュージーランドでお買い物をごゆっくりとお楽しみなさってください。
Shop New Zealand


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