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Create Wealth from Stock / Share Trading 

Wanting to make the best of your wealth situation or do you want to work from home or are you just trying to earn extra cash as a hobby?  Try Share Trading.  Creating wealth involves working smarter, harder with dedication and patients.  Research the below ideas for creating your own wealth from trading....

Nasdaq Wizard - The Most Comprehensive QQQQ stock market timing trading system ever designed. We offer three services, a long-term market timing system, a mid-term market timing system, and a portfolio.
TradingSolutions - Financial analysis and investment software that combines technical analysis with neural network and genetic algorithms that learn patterns from historical data and optimize system parameters, allowing you to create highly accurate trading systems. This trading software works with stocks, futures, currencies (FOREX) and many other financial instruments. It can also build systems for U.S. and International markets.
TradeKing - Nationally licensed online broker offering low flat fees ($4.95 per trade plus $.65 per option contract) with no hidden costs or account minimums. The TradeKing Web-based platform features powerful online equity, options and fixed-income trading tools including real-time portfolio information, advanced order entry, customized charting and alerts, free research and integrated news, stock, option and mutual fund screeners, volatility charts, a pricing probability calculator, enhanced option chains and interactive educational information. TradeKing also features innovative community networking capabilities to help connect like-minded traders for enhanced strategy development and information sharing.
StockVal - a professional stock market investment tool used by fund managers to produce superior returns. Purchase the Stockvale Sofware today!  The worlds most valuable investment tool – StockVal.
StockVal Be Certain Be Successful.
StockPoint (USA) - Accurate Daily Stock Picks, Signals & Recommendations! Free 30-Day Trial.
StockPoint is one of the fastest growing online Trading Systems on the Internet. On a daily basis, it will provide you with professional stock trading picks, signals and recommendations, along with a variety of other useful trading tools. Our program has one of the highest conversion rates and revenue share in the industry.
StockPoint Trading System
Our clients benefit from direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 80 market destinations worldwide, best price execution, ultra low commission, live quotes, low option margin, high interest earned and low financing costs.

Enfinium International offers a Global trading platform which consists of a vast array of advanced orders and tradable products. Our systems eliminate the need for multiple accounts with different currencies across multiple platforms.

You will no longer need to contact the trading desk for option quotes on the ASX market as you have a quote request function within the trading platform. This means that with a simple click of the mouse an electronic message will be sent to the market makers and they will respond with a price visable to the whole market. If you are with another stock broker online then contact us today to find out how Enfinium International can be beneficial to you.

If you prefer for an Investment Manager to trade on your behalf you can visit the Enfinium Capital Management website. The current strategies open to the general public are a Global Volatility Porfolio and a Long / Short Equity Portfolio.

Enfinium International
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