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Better ways of living and having fun.
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Look after yourself - be healthy have fitness.  Fitness Health and Wellbeing is important to you in these busy environments in which we now live.  It is easy to neglect your body. Try solutions listed here.

Fitness will help you keep going in the fast lane of life.  Fitness will help you keep up with your children.  Fitness will make you feel great.  Try it and feel good...
Better Lifestyle from Better Health & Wellbeing... 
If you’re looking for an exercise program that you can do in the convenience of your own home, in record time (15 minutes or less) with little or no exercise equipment, then pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you! 
The results in fat loss and muscle gains are incredibly fast, in fact, it’s not uncommon for men to tell me that they’re already seeing the difference in their body in as little as one week!
  • Over 18,000 pages of bodybuilding and fitness information with content updated every single day!
  • Learn the truth about gaining muscle, losing fat, competing and staying motivated.
  • Interact with our popular message boards and chat!
  • Contest listings and results, amateur profiles, exercise guides and more!
  • Over 5,500 products including supplements, clothing, tanning supplies, accessories and more!
  • Complete scientific info on each product. We help you choose the right products for you!
  • Guaranteed safe and easy ordering. We keep your info private.
  • Award winning customer service! We are here for you when you need us.
True Balance Productions is currently engaged in research, development and production of a series of Home Fitness DVD products that are of high quality and affordable for general consumers.
Want more power?

The real key to performing better at the gym, in your sport and in everyday life may surprise you!

If you suffer from recurrent back or neck pain or if you want to avoid getting one...
If you are an older person who wants to feel younger, move younger and live life to the full...

10 Minute Core Strength can help you! 

  • Peak Performance - A Sports Science website for athletes, trainers and coaches of all disciplines - devoted to improving stamina, strength and fitness and the treatment of sports injury.

How To Win: Free regular world-class training tips.
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We use the latest sports science research to tell you how to skyrocket your sports training and cure sports injuries. Use the menu on the left to browse our 1000s of free articles, or use the search box.

We've just launched two new blogs about football injuries and speed training, and this site is being prepared for a major relaunch.  Enter your email in the yellow box above to be the first to learn about the new features. 

Discover the real secret to faster running - and why most training methods make you slower!
Learn the 53 minute workout, which includes 31 minutes of rest, that will supercharge your progress
Unmask the “demon” of the weightroom to leave every workout exhilarated, not exhausted
Discover why “Ballistic” training is baloney and keeps you from reaching your absolute maximum speed
Recruit the super-power generators in your muscles to crush your opponents  
  • Train Clients At Home is the ultimate kit containing all of the information you need to start training in-home clients immediately!

Most of what you've learned in your Personal Training certification courses, continuing education courses and read in books and magazines has taught you how to train people in a gym setting using the equipment that the gym provides.

The Train Clients At Home kit teaches you the exercises you need to know to use in a small area, using equipment that you can easily pack into a bag and take with you.

If you are over 50, or chronically suffering from cold hands and feet and that irritating tingling sensation in your arms and/or legs when you sit too long, then listen up!
Step by Step Learn Internal Energy Strikes martial arts DVD started as a custom video for a long distance student. This was also done to expel the myths of internal energy strikes and, following simple steps, increase your striking power 50% to 100% with, when done properly, less effort than executing an improper punch or kick. As an added bonus to this self-defense video, you will receive one half hour of my DVD Basic Self-Defense and Over-Coming Fear. Giving you one and one-half hours of good no nonsense lessons and drills to increase your punching and kicking power and improve your self-defense abilities to an even greater degree.
Beginners Guide To Pilates including Beginners Pilates exercises and the principles and philosophy of pilates. Downloadable MP3 audio book.
Exercise and Fitness Guide - Learn how to establish appropriate weight loss and health goals. With an overview of different types of exercises and exercise equipment, exercise plans and all of the other critical information you need to make a positive difference in your life while improving your health and boosting your energy levels. Downloadable MP3 audio book
Fitquip - supplier of quality fitness products since 1983. In most cases up to a 40% saving on fitness products with today’s internationally recognised brand names such as Repco, Infiniti, York , Healthstream, Ironman etc. 

5 Things You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Lose Your Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs
The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is geared to the recreational, amateur and professional athlete, as well as to personal trainers, strength coaches, and other healthcare practitioners. It features various general and specific warm-up methods including a spine warm-up, Swiss ball wake-up routine, Swiss ball warm-up techniques, balance drills, hip mobility exercises, dynamic stretching routine, stretching demonstration, explosive drills for the upper and lower body, Olympic hybrid circuits, as well as sample specific warm-up schemes. Order your copy today!

Better ways of living and having fun.

Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD