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Feed to mind with magazines and other interesting publications.  Online magazines from some of the best suppliers.  Huge variety on every topic - you are sure to find the magazine you are looking for here.

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Magazines & Publications
  • Selectair (AUST) - has hundreds of magazine for you to choose the perfect gift, whatever the occasion. For Birthdays, Father's day, Christmas or Anniversaries.... who needs a reason, a Selectair magazine subscription would brighten up anyone's day.
  • Import Magazine Subscriptions - We have the coolest magazines! We are constantly getting in the latest titles and issues from established and new publishers. You want it, we find it. And you benefit from our expertise and reputation in this niche area. Getting you the magazine you want... Faster. We have the best selection of titles in the world and our service is our guarantee.
  • Greatest Uncommon Denominator - highly-reviewed bi-annual magazine - GUD Magazine is 200 pages of literary + genre fiction, poetry, art, and articles! Get the PDF now for $3.50 or the hardcopy for $10.00! Teasers on-site for all written content.
  • Scarlet (UK) - packed with sexy semi-naked men, true confessions, forthright articles, lingerie to lust over and erotic literature.
  • It's the first magazine catering to female sexuality in the same way that men's magazines have been looking after the boys for years.
  • MagazineSubscriptions -  one of the largest magazine subscription sites. We offer over 1500 different magazine subscriptions for delivery to the USA with great savings on newsstand prices - up to 95%.
  • We also offer magazine subscription renewals - just tell us it's a renewal.
  • Gift Certificates - ideal for Christmas – let them choose for themselves.
  • Gift eCards - free, let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Magazine Packages - individual magazines become even cheaper.
  • Auto Babes - Australia's Leading Digital Magazine is a unique and one of a kind digital magazine based on Automotive Men's lifestyle. With 3d turning pages, advertiser support, great pictorial and editorial in a single package that can be easily downloaded from the subscriber webiste. It contains key departments such as health, motorsport, entertainment and many more. Oh yeah, and we have the absolute, most gorgeous girls in the industry! Be part of a global and fast growing internet community that leads the way for mainstream magazines to follow.
  • Share-Your-Memories - It works on the same concept as disposable cameras on the tables at the reception of your wedding, but it has many more advantages. With a share-your-memories Album all of your guests take photos with their own digital cameras throughout all of your wedding. After your wedding, they upload their photos taken onto your own password protected online Album. The beauty of this is that they can also view, print and save all of the photos that other guests have added to your album. It’s also a great way to share your wedding photos with family and friends overseas or interstate who couldn’t make it to your wedding.
Tradepub has been providing hundreds of free professional magazine subscriptions to qualified subscribers since 1994. As the leader of online subscription services for controlled circulation publications, Tradepub is providing hundreds of free magazine subscriptions to qualified subscribers in dozens of industries each day.
Browse through Tradepub extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, publications and newsletters to find the titles that best match your skills and interests; topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology. Simply complete the application form and submit it.  All are absolutely free to professionals who qualify.


Better ways of living and having fun.