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Donate to charities and feel good about yourself.  If you are reading this page then there is a good chance that you can help the less fortunate...  Give give give to the needy and try World Vision, Child Fund and even you local charities.  A good turn is always received back...

Enrich your Feelings, Feel Good and Bring Happiness to the World... Giving is one of the Greatest Satisfactions you can Experience...

Support The Less Fortunate, Support Charities

Child Fund Australia.

Over 30,000 children under the age of five die every day. This frightening and tragic statistic is a direct result of poverty.

According to the latest figures from the United Nations:
  • poor nutrition results in 50% of children under five dying from an infectious disease;
  • 1.8 million children die from diarrhea caused by a lack of clean water and sanitation;
  • and
  • 10 million children die preventable deaths each year.
By becoming a child sponsor, you can give a child a brighter future by providing food, healthcare, education and safe water.
Sponsor a child for just over $1 a day or $43 a month and support a community over time by connecting with a child who acts as a community representative. Funds raised from child sponsorship go to projects chosen by the community, focused around health, education, livelihood, habitat and building relationships.
Plan is one of the world's largest community development organisations. Plan's work in 49 developing countries is supported by national organisations in 17 donor countries like Australia. Plan helps communities to help themselves, so that children have opportunities to reach their full potential. We encourage children to express their views and be actively involved in improving their communities. Together with our supporters, Plan is a catalyst for change, free from political and religious agendas, existing only for the sake of children.
Support Surf Life Saving and help us do whatever it takes to keep our beaches safe. Australia has a massive 35,00km of coastline where VOLUNTEER Surf Lifesavers from clubs around the country assist more than 300,000 beach-goers each year. The money paid for Surf Life Saving Lottery tickets go toward ensuring that that YOUR Lifesavers receive the vital equipment and training needed to ensure that our beaches are safe for all who use them. Your support will help save lives on our beaches!


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